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Tanzania is one of the top and ultimate country for Africa Safari when it comes to wildlife viewing.

Wildlife can be spotted in the parks all year round and this makes it tough to tell when the best season for Tanzania safari. However, your choices will depend on variety of factors like the weather, the tour budget and kind of animals you prefer to spot that vary from season to season.

Dry-season between mid-June to October is the best time for Tanzania safari as you will get many animals in the park. This is the great time for Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti as will witness big herds of Zebra and Wildebeest crossing Mara River.

Tanzania Safari can also be done between November and March. These are dry months with little rain. Mid December to January wildebeest heard move towards Southern Serengeti and Ndutu in Ngorongoro Conservation Area for Calving season. We recommend staying few nights at Ndutu when planning for Tanzania safari in this season.

April and May is green season due to heavy rains. This is good time for Tanzania safari when your budget is low and if you prefer less tourist in the park.


The time to be spent for Tanzania safari depends on your interest of wildlife viewing and budget. Its good to allow a reasonable amount of days for the parks destinations you want to visit. If you have enough time, we advise visiting fewer parks so that you can spend more time exploring one destination rather than rushing from one park to another. Depending on your time and budget you can choose to take between 4 to 10-days for Tanzania safari.


It is highly recommended and advised while on Tanzania safari to wear casual and comfortable clothing and can wear lightweight layers that can be adjustable to changes on temperature as it becomes quiet cold in the morning and warm during the day. You can choose neutral to beige colors and try to avoid black and dark blue clothes as the color is highly attracted to tsetsesfly.

In the evening after safari we recommend wearing long sleeve shirt, trouser or long pants and make sure you use mosquito repellent to protect yourself from mosquito bites.

Ngorongoro highland is located at high altitude which makes it cold throughout the time. While doing Tanzania safari at Ngorongoro especially in the morning you can wear warm clothes like jacket, sweater, warm gloves, scarf and warm hat to protect you from the cold.


Tanzania safari cost varies depending on several factors that determine it, such as season during the year, number of people/ group size, level of accommodation, and park to be visited, total number of days for safari. While booking for your Tanzania safari its very important to keep in mind of these factors as your safari will end up being expensive or less costly.

Season during the year:

Peak and high season which is between January and March, and June to December, accommodation becomes highly in demand and hence very expensive.

Off season between April and May accommodation demand is low. This is time when you can secure good deals for Tanzania safari.

Level of Accommodation:

When choosing for Tanzania safari its very important to consider level of accommodation as this will affect your cost of safari either to be high or low. We do arrange different packages ranging from basic camping to High end lodges. When the level of your safari is luxury, the safari cost will be higher too.

Group Size: 

Tanzania safari prices get also affected by group size within the package choice. When you book your safari as a group you share cost and safari cost becomes low. If you book a private package, then pricing will be higher compared to group safari.

Park choice: Depending on park choice, the price will also be higher or low. Some parks have entry fees which are higher compared to others.

Extra optional activities:

Visiting Maasai Villages, Guided walking safari, Hot Air Balloon Ride safari etc.

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