Lake Natron


Lake Natron

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On the border between Tanzania and Kenya lays Lake Natron in the middle of a volcanic moonscape in the Rift Valley. The special colours of Lake Natron are due to the blue algae that thrive in the salty water of this lake. Walking to the lake and the streams and waterfalls on the nearby steep slope deliver a unique experience.

In the north of the lake mirage delusion may occur. In the dry season much water evaporates from the lake and the remaining water salts. In this environment thrive micro-organisms such as blue algae. The pigment in the plasma cell layers of their cause deep red colour in the deeper parts, and the orange in the shallower parts of the lake.

But that’s not all what is colourful: Lake Natron is the only breeding place of the dwarf flamingos. Each year 2 million dwarf flamingos come down to lay their eggs and to breed. They eat a blue-green algae with red pigment.

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